About Us

Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, our operation is strategically located to provide transportation and logistics services to California, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and other northern parts throughout the year. Our drivers are certified licensed, highly skilled and experienced in freight. Our management staff has experience in many industries; safety and quality customer service are key goals for us. Our people are experienced to assist you with whatever your requirements are. We thanks to our customers and employees without them we would have not got this far

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Our Services


    At USCL you can find a great partner for your business.

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  • commitment

    At USCL, We take great pride in our never ending commitment to customer service.

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  • protection

    At USCL, All our trucks are fully equipped for protection of your valuables.

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  • value

    At USCL, You will find our rate schedule very attractive in this day of sky rocketing shipping costs.

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Clients Testimonials

Words from clients akin to verses of wordsworth!