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Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our Mission & Objective’s Change is what constant. We assure our continuing effort to make the Transportations Business & Processes, Easy and Convenient for us and Our Partners. We Hire Best Skills & Cultivate Best Systems so that our Truckers & Business Partner Sense the Safety & Security about their Products. We will be the Best in Class for Online Monitoring & Real Time Monitoring of Goods to Make Effort less Uncompromised Quality in Deliveries.

Vision Statement We want to Achieve the Highest Recognitions in Every State of Art as A Transport Carrier and Broker , We want us to represent as a complete package for Logistics & Supply Chain Management  (Refrigerated ,Intermodal  ,Dedicated Contract Service ,Integrated Capacity Solutions , Truck Load ,Expedited ) , We believe Logistics is the Integral Part of Industries & We will make it seamless & Effortless for our Customer ,Stake Holders & Business Partner’s .

Our Commitments We believe that Value’s & Qualities Can Only Be generated by the Level of Commitments in Person as in Business. Our Commitments To us is On Time Every Time. We will ensure a High Standard on Our Duty Bound and Time Bound, Proactive Approach for Pick Up’s & Deliveries. Our Determinations & Dedications as An Individual And In Team What Propels us To Achieve 100% Satisfactions in Our Job of Transporting . Commitment is an Act Not Just a Word. We Work Towards Achieving Excellence Nor Just Customer Satisfaction But Towards Customer Delight.

Corporate Values We are Value Driven Company by Objectives. We believe that Being Remarkable, Being Empathetic, Being Candid, Being Creative and Taking ownerships of What We Do for US & for Our Customers Is the Most Valuable Asset We can carry. We Lead By Examples Not Just Thought.

Performance For us, having priority on loads that are more convenient for our trucks are huge. Less idle time means drivers are able to load faster and get themselves back on the road as soon as possible. This allows us to plan ahead and make better use of each driver’s hours of service, which results in more efficient use of our fleet.We know that to be The Best in Industry We Should Incorporate Some Best Policy. Our In House Maintenance & Service Department is Proactive in checking any lag or issue before its occurrence in Tractor’s As Well As Refer. We have a Dedicated In House Service Road Team Which Tackle the Emergencies in Road. This Value Ad to our performance and reduce our time lag on deliveries. We believe that The average age of our tractors is 3 years, and the average age of our trailers is 4 years both well below the industry average of fleet age. These vehicles put in a lot of hours, both regionally and nationwide, so we believe that they should be replaced once they start to show any signs of serious wear

Quality Quality is achieved by doing the right thing right the first (and every) time. We have managed to strive our best to give the best in Quality in Service and Delivery by applying the industries best standards. Our Continuous learning & certification program being you are a driver or you are in administrations are the key factor to reserve the Quality. Our Customer Centric Approaches where we develop a core competencies factoring (Customer First) are our core strength in the growth of our business.

Technology & Innovations We believe Technology is the Back Bone of all Businesses, Our core competencies are our technology used in day to day business. We use McLEOD for Shipper Load, Brokering & Dispatching, Truck-Trailer& Driver Management.  Zonar ELD, DAT Power Load Board,       DAT On time (Load Tracking) , DAT OnBoard ,RMIS . We have our own App for Drivers to check the load information’s while on go just by logging onto the app. We believe Innovations is the Key to Success So We keep on Updating our Technology to the Latest on Market.

Customer Service & Satisfactions We believe that Service to Mankind is Service to lord. We have 24*7 hours customer service representatives for you. They are highly skilled to understand each phase of transportations from loading to dispatching & delivery follow ups. We have a flexible working culture where we listen to your needs & requirements, Work upon that and Deliver the Excellence. The Customer First, Customer Centric Business Model is Designed not Only To Meet Your Expectations But Superseding Your Expectations. “Our One Motto, One Goal” A Happy Customer is the Best To Work Upon and We will Strive our Best to Make You Happy.

Responsibility Logistics Industry is a 3PL System. Where Each Stake holders Has Its Own Responsibility to Perform the Best So That the Supply Chain Won’t get Effected .We as a Carrier /Broker Understand that and we undertake that shoulder of responsibility on time every time . We have qualified drivers who are more than 9 years in service with us who understand and cater their experience in Pick Ups & Deliveries. We also provide training to our Drivers for Industrial Safety & Compliances from Time to Time. Our Equipments are Almost New to Provide Less down Time and Minimal Service Issue.

Safety & Compliances A Well –Run Operations Begins With Well Developed Protocol . We do 100% safety Checks Inspections After Each Trip for Trucks & Trailer , This Is Mandate in our Business . We have Also Repower Policy Where We Can Repower our Products If the Truck is Break Down 12 hours. We assist with initial development of policies and procedures as well as maintenance and improvement as regulations and best-practices change over time. Procedures and information for determining the proper classification, packaging, marking, labeling, and materials compatibility of products/components, Procedures and information on how these products/components are to be moved, stored, or handled, Information, guidance, and precautions on the specific hazards associated with customer’s products. Procedures related to enforcement visits and inspections .Performance monitoring and reporting procedures.

Assets & Equipments Human Capital is the Most Valuable Asset of Our Company Followed by Their Dedications in Highly Motivated Work Environment is the Best Equipment. We Believe that Satisfied, highly-motivated and loyal employees represent the basis of competitive company. The growth of satisfaction is to be reflected in the increase of productivity, improvement of the products’ quality or rendered services and higher number of innovations. We are proud to have the Right Set of Skills which can undertake any responsibilities in the transportations Industries. We have our Own Set of 74 Tractors & 104 Trailers and Have the Capacity to Double the Capacity Provided Given an Opportunity. We are Flexible to customize our own Fleet Size, Team Size to Any as per Customer /Business Requirement and Urgencies. We have Our Own 110 Drivers and Almost 40 Owner Operators To Meet Our Demands incase emergencies. Other than that our 24 hours CSR are assigned 1 : 15 Ratio to Ease the overload of work and services . At USCL you can find a great partner for your business. Working with us, will allow you to focus on your core business, leaving the Warehousing, Cross-Docking, and Transportation of your goods and materials to us. Our Most of the trailer are fitted with Remote Temperature Control & Monitoring System where we can manage the temperature sitting at our locations

Awards We have received the GREAT WEST CASUALITY COMPANY “                National Safety Awards for 2017 Platinum Award for Out Standing Achievement in Highway Safety.

Membership & Certifications We are Proud as the Only Transporter to Have All of Those Accreditation At Bakersfield California .!!SMART WAY!! TIA!!  NMFTA!! FIATA!! BLUE BOOK!! DAT (A)